problem with drawCautionIcon

I have a canvas (40x40) into which I want to draw a cautionIcon.
according to the the docs, this code in the paint event of the canvas should work:
yet nothing gets drawn, both with retina enabled and disabled.

So I tried:
g.DrawRect 0,0,me.Width,me.Heigh)//to see where the icon will actually be drawn
dim p as new Picture(me.Width,me.Height)
p.Graphics.DrawCautionIcon(0,0)//noteIcon, stopIcon
g.DrawPicture p,0,0

Now the icon is drawn, but at the bottom of the canvas, where only more or less half of it can be seen.
The same happens if I create a new picture and assign it as backdrop to the canvas.

Pretty sure I’m missing something. Suggestions will be welcome. Thanks.

There’s a feedback report for this. If you have the Retina Kit, you can replace this function.

which version are you using ?
2016r1 and 1.1 have a bug in how they handle this
From what I can tell it seems it should be fixed for a future release

The last version: 2016r1.1
Happy to know that it should be fixed.
Thank you.

It seems to
Not sure which report Sam is referring to though
I can’t find one that notes issues about DrawCautionIcon, Graphics.DrawXXXXX etc

Here’s the case I filed. <> Sorry it’s titled “43395 - g.drawStopIcon no longer works” but it covers the caution triangle and the note icon.

Sorry Sam, I did not see your first post.
Meanwhile I worked around the problem by using SystemIcon.Caution (macosLib).