Problem with incorrect escaping of quotes

See Page Not Found — Xojo documentation

You’ll find a code sample with this line in it:

Dim url As String = "https://%22 + host

That should read, however, as:

Dim url As String = "https://" + host

There’s a bug in the renderer for Xojo code. It seems to think that “/” is an escaping lead char and changes the double quote char into a quoted code. That’s clearly wrong.

Has someone looked into that? If not, let me have a look at the code and I’ll get it fixed.


I see what you did there. You worked around the bug instead of fixing it. :slight_smile:

Sneaky but efficient. Kind of a elite operation - I wished it would be fixed at the source because I was not able to figure out how to fix this, i.e. it’s not obvious. But then, hardly anyone edits the docs anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal anyway, I guess.

Why is writing Quotes as Entity a “workaround”?
I am just curious :wink:

There is a bug, and instead of fixing the bug, Paul has added a wrapper around the quote char, telling the renderer not to interpret it. That avoids the misinterpretation, and is therefore a work-around, as it does not address the actual bug.