Problem with 2018r1 and Xcode 9.3 iOS

I am trying to use Xojo 2018 r1 with Xcode 9.3 for iOS 11.3 deployment. The build succeeds, but the app fails immediately on an actual device (iPhone or iPad). The app runs in the simulator.
Rolling back to 2017 r3 with Xcode 8.3.3 and an iOS 10.3 target works fine either way.

Any others experiencing this?

Usually turns out to be an un-trapped nil object somewhere, in my experience. Have one of those myself I need to figure out in an XCode-only project (no Xojo) - runs in the simulator but crashes on launch on the phone.

Oddly, rolling back to 2017r3 + Xcode 9.3 works fine, both on iDevices and the simulator. My Swift + Xcode 9.3 pipecleaner app worked fine from the start.

I don’t use Xojo for iOS… but for Swift apps, if I compile the code in Xcode with the target being a real device… the app runs on the device… but the logs still go to Xcode console… so if I get a crash, I can still see where/why… Does Xojo handle that differently??? (wouldn’t suprise me)

Turns out it (2018r1 + Xcode 9.3) hangs in the simulator as well - juggling 3 releases of both Xojo and Xcode can mess you up sometimes.

If it fails immediately, there should be a crash report in Console.