Problem using HTTPSocket with proxy im WebApp


following Problem:

I want to get the result of the following request

First thought was, I do use WebHTMLViewer.URL to get the sourcecode. Now I got taught a lesson, that’s quite not possible to get the HTML-Source of a HTMLViewer.

Second thought was, I do use HTTPSocket. Problematic is, that I am behind a very strict proxy, so I wrote following code:

[code] dim s as string
dim h as new HTTPSocket
h.HTTPProxyAddress = “proxy01”
h.HTTPProxyPort = 3128


But! It’s not allowed to request a “get”-method behind the Proxy, so I don’t get a result.

Is there another way to get the sourcecode of this request? Is is somehow possible to get the HTML-Source from a HTMLViewer?

Thanks a lot!

No ideas? :frowning: