Problem running application (win 10)

Hi, have just started to try xojo. I have the 2017 release 2 Under Windows 10.
I have been following the “using sqllite” webinar. I have created the main window and database, run it a couple of times, managed to sort out a couple of issues.
However after modifying the menu bar, when i try to run my application it says “assembling code for dominvoice”, launching application and then just drops back into the IDE no error messages, Nothing. What to I do next.

Post the project somewhere.

As i’ just Learning xojo, how/where do i post the project

Somewhere that other people can download it from to look at it.
Dropbox, Github, your website…
You would need to have the project itself and perhaps any external files it references.

Click on App at the top of the left nav (Contents). Look on the right in the inspector (make sure the inspector is open) and make sure that Appearance>Default Window is set to something other than None. Ideally set it to the name of your main Window (usually Window1 if you haven’t renamed it)

Hi, I have uploaded the projrct to need the db also. If somebody could have a look I would really appreciate.

Thank you Julian, That fixed the problem.