Problem passing a two-dimensional array into a function

I can’t figure out how to pass my two-dimensional array into the function. I have “TypeMismatchException”!

Call CreateReportInfo("Display Informations", myArray(Listbox8.RowCount -1, Listbox8.RowCount -1))  //IDEM with myArray(25,25) for example.
Function declare :
Protected Function CreateReportInfo(Title As String, myArray(, ) As Variant) As Boolean

My array is filled in as it should be:
msgbox(myArray(15,0)) >> Ok
msgbox(myArray(15,1)) >> Ok

Any help is appreciated.

Sometimes it is necessary to clear the brain and the evidence jumps out at you!

CreateReportInfo("Display Informations", myArray())

Yup, you spotted it. You were passing in a single element of the array.