Problem on webListbox's Rows Height

Hello everyone!

As i mentioned, i have a problem on webListbox’s Rows Height. To be more specific, the first time that my listbox has rows the
height is right (22 for all rows). But, the first time that I carry out a search (=listbox.DeleteAllRows and then AddRows) the size of my rows’ height
is changing. For example, 22 for the first row, 38 for the second, 46 for the third etc…
Is there any way that rows’ height can remain constant?

Thank you in advance!

It normally remains constant. Check that your listbox isn’t multi-line if it does not need to be. But mostly, check whether the data that you insert in the cells does not have line breaks. It does sound like the data has line breaks in it.

Thank you Mr Louis for your prompt reply!

The data has line breaks in it, but with the same code on xojo desktop app I don’t have any problem.
I post below 2 links with the listbox.
On the first image, i performed a search (first search, when the wp opens)
On the second image, i performed a more specific search (the data of the second search are on the first too)
[I have hidden some personal data.]

The desktop listbox and the weblistbox are two entirely different beasts. You cannot expect the same exact behavior with all features.

Look under the third hidden column in your second screenshot. There are 4 lines of text in the cell for the highlighted row. The weblistbox simply adapted to the data you placed in it.

Try de-selecting the multi-line option for that weblistbox. I would expect that your lines will remain at a constant height. The downside is that you will not see some of the information in the cell unless you use some other means, such as displaying a tooltip or some label with the content of a cell when you hover over a cell that contains more than one line of text, for example.

I am sorry for the delay!
Thank you very much for your help Mr Louis!

Just happy that I was able to help. Cheers!