Problem on Android emulator

Hello, I need to know if there is any other way to test applications before paying for the license. The license itself has a high cost and I am not in the US so it is even higher. I’m trying to try an app aimed at Android, but the resolution of the Android emulator is ridiculously small. I have tried to modify the behavior for high dpi of qemu, but it does not work, I have tried to follow the steps in the google documentation but the steps cannot be done, since according to google there are two ways to fix this. The first is to close the side toolbox (it cannot be done, there is no option for that), the other option according to Google is to undock the emulator window from the toolbox, according to Google, this is done from settings and in the view mode option, but there is no view mode option. according to google this happens on computers that have a resolution of 1024x768, but that is false, my computer is purposely configured at 1080x720 but supports up to 4k, therefore it is incorrect information. Does anyone know how to fix this? (by the way, the emulator is really slow even with intel xha enabled). It does not seem rational to me to force the user to pay for the license if he only wants to develop for himself or if he wants to develop free apps.

Android studio is free. You can use that or one of the many alternatives if you cant afford the license.

Do they still exist?

This is a not a standard resolution, maybe the problem lies here, or you meant 1280x720?

Set it to FHD (1920 x 1080) at least? Less than FHD is unbearable for developing, but Visual Studio for example allows the minimum 1366x768, even a 1280 wide is not acceptable, imagine 1080.

I would try some resolution >= 1366x768; and for a dev PC, 1920x1080 is an usual one.

I can’t use Android Studio, Kotlin is cumbersome and unintuitive to me, just like C#, xojo is simple. but it doesn’t matter which ide you use, the problem is in the emulator not in the ide, and yes, it is 1280, excuse me. If I set the resolution to 1366x768 the skin looks good but the interface looks worse than with 1280. The same thing happens in visual studio since it is the same emulator only that the visual studio emulator uses hyper-v. When I use the resolution 3840x2160 both the skin and the interface look small

Change the Windows interface scale and see if it gets better to you.

In the FHD 16" screen of my laptop it uses a 125% scale factor, in a 22" external screen (less dense ppi) it uses a 100% scale.

The only way for the interface to look correctly is to activate the zoom but while the zoom is activated you cannot work, to this we must add the slowness of the emulator. When I compile qemu from its source code it is not so slow, of course by compiling it I cannot use android. For this reason there should be more alternatives for the developer, if the license to compile for Raspberry Pi is free, why not offer a real way to test apps on Android? It is true that a real device could be connected via USB, but it poses problems with xojo