problem launching app

when I try this command from a terminal, it works:

open -a “/Applications/” “/users/philsmith/list3.txt”

I try that with a shell object in Xojo and nothing happens with no error code. If I put a break point a few lines above it and step through, it works.

If I try using Launch from a folder item, it tells me that I don’t have permission to open list3.txt. ???

Any ideas? I’ve been pulling what little hair I have left out for the last week on this.


Try drilling down into the bundle…

/Applications/ /Users/philsmith/list3.txt

Yes, because “” is a folder in OS view.

Sometimes that’s not necessary. The command line “open” command can launch bundles.

I solved it by using NSWorkspaceMBS.openfile. This year’s OmegaBundle was money well spent for me. :slight_smile: