Problem debugging app running under Apache

I am getting a Runtime Error reported in the terminal window after launching and running a web app. It works fine under the Windows debugger and in the remote debugger on a Raspberry Pi. On the VPS running on port 9000 with a reverse proxy under Apache, it runs some routines, but one routine causes an error that kills the process. The error message says

[quote]Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common.ObjectGlue.cpp: 147
Failure Condition: mClassPtr[/quote]

I am hoping someone understands what this means and can suggest what might be causing the exception. The app has the standard UnhandledException event code suggested in the docs. The error occurs when I click on a line in a listbox which opens a new container, hides the prior one and populates some fields with data retrieved from a mySQL database.

I believe I have found the problem but not the solution. The program crashes when loading a page that contains a URLConnection that gets information from another site. I believe the crash happens because the URLConnection uses port 80 while the app itself communicates on port 9000 through a reverse proxy on Apache. Not sure how to solve this because the port is set when the Send method is called and it is crashing long before Send is called.

It could be that the server doesn’t have the dependencies satisfied for URLConnection. On Linux, that would be LibSoup.