problem copying classes from other project

This will be a little hard to describe since I’m not sure exactly what the problem was but here goes. I purchased a set of classes from a developer who supplied them in a demo project and provided, all-in-all, pretty good documentation. The docs instructed me as to which classes I needed to copy from the demo project to my project, which I did. but when I compiled my project I got a long list of errors that indicated that something had not been copied.

To make a somewhat long story short, I deleted all the classes from my project and re-copied them from the Demo project. This time everything compiled cleanly. So my question is, what are the circumstances that would cause PART of the classes to be skipped when most of it copied correctly.

I made the copy by selecting the first and shift-clicking on the last and the command-c from the demo and command-v in my app. And I did the same thing the second time that worked.

Anyone have any thoughts?

(I’m not naming the developer because I don’t want to in any way make look as if anything is his fault - it’s all on me)


normally it is best to EXPORT the classes from the “demo” and then IMPORT them to your new project

I have no problem chiming in. Bill is a Shorts customer.

The issue, I think, was that some classes, in a particular some containers, didn’t get copied over which, in turn caused numerous compile errors. Bill received numerous ‘class so and so implements events but it’s super does not’ errors.

Honestly, no one has reported this issue so I call it a one-off problem. There are a ton of UI elements (dialogs, containers, etc) in Shorts so if you miss a folder all hell will break loose with compile errors. It’s also possible that there was some ordering issue with the paste. Dunno.

I wish the IDE error message given was a bit more clear because I think it could be made more clear. Like ‘The Super for So and So class is missing/not defined’ or some such thing.

Because of NameSpace issues it’s best to copy/paste from the project. I do not recommend export and import.

Couldn’t agree more with that.

Thanks Bob, you were very patient yesterday, but I think all is well now.

thanks again,

I’ve run into my own good share of similar troubles. Just recently I reported a bug around that, where subclasses of subclasses of controls would not observe their inherited Property Behaviors correctly.

When I deliver multiples classes that should be put into another project, I usually put them either all into a module, or, if that’s not viable, place them into a folder. Then the user only has to copy that one item, which will include all the others.

Also, before pasting, any old version needs to be removed from the target project.

If this involves controls, sometimes it also requires saving, closing and reopening the project so that some things get properly reset.

And as Bob already pointed out, as soon as you have more than a few classes, or even a module containing classes, exporting them is between too tedious and impossble.