Problem copy report to UI

I copy a report object from finder to xojo UI and instead of copying the object it creates a link to the object in the finder, I only use the mouse to drag the object from finder into UI, all other objects are getting copied correctly,
Is there another way to do it ?

What is a “report object” ?

it is the created report saved to disk called rptName.xojo_report

Try a right click in the Navigator and choose to open a file from disk ?

ok, that displays the file, and then ?

What happens in the Navigation pane when you choose and “load” the file ?

Hey Xojo,

what the image “gasoline-tank.jpg” was meant for in the GasReport project ?
(I removed it and the application run in the IDE without complaint).

I wanted to generate a “xojo_report” file, but that example does not do that and I do not want to study that feature.

What do you want to achieve ?

All I want to do is copy the report into my application UI and not have a link to this report.
If I copy any other object from the finder to my application UI in xojo, it creates a copy of those files, fine, but not for reports, it creates a link to the report in the finder, why ?

I found a work around, instead of copying from finder into Xojo, I copy now from an app in finder to another app in finder, at least that works.
copying code from xojo app to xojo app OR from finder to xojo app leaves for me a big mess behind, or is there some documentation how it’s supposed to work ?

thank’s for your time Emilie and Michael,