Problem converting WebPage to WebContainer

Converting a WebPage to a WebContainer causes the Left and Top properties of the container to disappear when the container is placed on a page. FB 30583 addresses the issue of instances of the container being added as a Control Set and states it is fixed in 2014r2. It appears to me from the FB discussion that the problem I am having was probably also fixed. Norman indicated that the problem is that the container has an index of 0 instead of -2147483648. Is there any way for me to adjust the index before 2014r2 comes out?

I’ve seen this issue before. What I ended up doing is closing down the project and reopening it. It seems there’s something the IDE isn’t recognizing about the Super change at the time it happens but will when it’s reopened.

Give that a shot. YMMV.

If that doesn’t work, try saving your project as XML or Text. You should be able to edit those in a text editor.