Prints a Blank Page for Core2Duo

Most bizarre situation. I have an app that thousands of users around North America use. At several points in the program there are opportunities for the user to print things such as invoices, purchase orders, etc. The pages of these documents are built as a single page graphic (place in an array for multiple pages) at 300 dpi so that either a screen preview can be viewed, a PDF can be created and or emailed, or the graphic page(s) can be printed to paper.

However, for a handful of computers these will simply print blank pages when sent to a printer (all screen previews and PDF’s are fine). We’ve narrowed it down to computers that run Windows 10 and have either an Intel Core2Duo CPU E8400 or an Intel Core2Duo CPU E6550. All other computers with other CPU’s print properly to paper.

If compiled with 2016R3, all is good, and all print properly. However, if compiled with 2017R3, computers with these two CPU models print perfectly BLANK pages.

Any ideas?


Yes, I’m aware that Direct2D was introduced in between 2016R3 and 2017R3. However, why are just Core2Duo E6550 / E8400 CPU’s affected by this? And, is there a fix / work around for this?