Printing to Airprint

if any way to make Reports on iOS

Do you want to use Xojo Reports ?
or make report of your own ?

if i can make XOJO reports is perfect.

but is other option for reports where or who it can be done

The only way to print under iOS was dtPlugins, but they are no longer available.

You want to put points on the feature request filed back in DECEMBER 2014 to have what each decent iOS development tool around has. B4i, XCode (of course), Livecode, for instance. Xojo should be ashamed.


with out printing iOS no works only for play with simple app

Please add that to <>

I don’t think this is a fair statement. While I agree that we need printing, I personally have 112 apps on my phone, of which only 3 are games, and none of which I can ever recall wanting to print. I’ve written three iOS apps myself (all for Xojo in one way or another) and again found no reason to print.

Besides… how many people walk around with a printer in their pocket?

Indeed, there are an awful lot of toyish stupid apps around that will never require printing.

But there are a lot of power users who do have a wireless printer at home or at the office, and may wish to have apps doing the same kind of things as desktop ones.

So is the case of my next app, Check Printer, which obviously cannot work like yet another Tetris.

I see my own son printing all the time email messages, forms, and other serious stuff from his iPhone 6. Heck, he even types entire business letters on it.

Fact is Xojo iOS is unusable for a lot of business apps without printing. Sure, you can continue dismissing users demands as you have done for two years now. Don’t complain when people give up on Xojo iOS altogether.

Heck, can’t you buy the printing module of dtPlugin from Jean-Paul Devulder if nobody has the time to look at this ? He has left the market, and users are left dead in the water.

[quote=328533:@Michel Bujardet]Sure, you can continue dismissing users demands as you have done for two years now. Don’t complain when people give up on Xojo iOS altogether.
Whoa there. I’m not “dismissing users demands”. All I’m saying is that lack of printing does not prevent the creation of non-game apps.

Take a restaurant reservation and seating application for example, there’s really no reason for printing these days. I’ve even seen ones that will send a notification to people’s phones to tell them their table is ready.

Heck, the entire registration system for XDC was switched away from paper to iOS in 2015 and it doesn’t need printing because we primarily use e-tickets now.

Greg, will you understand that your own experience does not account for all Xojo users needs ?

You are indeed dismissing user’s input. When I filed the feature request more than two years ago, I was already rebuffed in similar terms, and I find that unpleasant at best. Because a customer requests something does not systematically means he is wrong.

There are many examples of reputable businesses that went down the drain for precisely knowing better than their customers.

Not saying that it is dude. Just saying that not everyone needs printing.

One thing is for sure. I may be the most vocal, but there are rules in business that say it it way more difficult to get a new user than to lose one. In fact, this de facto refusal to implement printing in iOS for two year means that each user that does need to print is turned away.

And yet there’s been no “refusal” Michel. We’ve simply not implemented it yet. You seem to be under the impression that we’re not implementing printing because we don’t want our users to have that capability. On the contrary, we want you to be able to build anything you want, but there isn’t enough time to give everyone everything they want right now.

As I wrote, it was a de facto situation. Choosing not to implement printing, whatever the reason, however internally justified, is de facto a refusal to satisfy that particular need.

I was lucky enough to adopt dtPlugins, so fingers crossed, I will be able to publish Check Printer. Otherwise, that situation would have forced me to walk out. Now that dtPlugins are no more, there is simply no solution for users to print if they did not get them before. Show stopper. Need to use another development tool.

I just hope Xojo is conscious that there may be a significant number of faithful business desktop apps users who will be forced to let go of Xojo for their mobile developments. I suggested several times that Xojo buys dtPlugins now that it is out of the market. Would that really hurt, to have a solution pending in house development ?

Xojo iOS as it is heavily depends on the ecosystem. When a branch of that ecosystem becomes unavailable, Xojo iOS ceases to be relevant in some domains. It would seem a healthy move to explore keeping dtPlugins available, since it is the only game in town. I am convinced Jean-Paul Devulder would be open to selling the rights, if only contacted.

I find it very sad that users be forced to move away. We all know that once they have completed a project, say, in B4i, XCode, or something else, chances are they will never look back.

Well, I’ve had enough of this discussion.

As I said, my point was to make sure that anyone looking at this topic didn’t get the impression that the iOS Framework was only capable of writing games.

There is no “de facto” refusal.
There is however your assumption that because we haven’t done it we refuse to.
That is a false equivalency.

I am personally very tired of this way to imply that asking for a feature is somehow illegitimate. There is a very well established business rule that when a customer takes the time to give feedback, the lest one can do is thank him.

De facto, printing has been impossible with Xojo iOS until today for more than two years. From your posts, it appears that state of things may last for a good deal longer. De facto, there are a significant number of business applications that require it. De facto, anybody who needs to complete an app that prints cannot use Xojo iOS, and will have to turn to another tool.

Please point to where ANYONE has said that this feature request is illegitimate ?
Features get ranked and implemented as we have time, engineering staff etc.
And the priority of printing from iOS is NOT at the top of the list despite your protestations.

That IS how the feedback system works.
And you know this.

I stated my feelings about the way you bump customers away. And you should know the consequences of some decisions.

Here’s a working version of Printing for iOS

I use it in two of my apps with no issue.