Printing question(s)

Hi all,

I have a print to pdf (or to printer, but the main idea is to print to pdf) project. I have to print special images (6 Paysages images / 1 page).

The actual state is… I can print 5 images (one day is missing, they are six images, one for each day of the week, Sunday Closed as would say our English friends).

The used paper format is Legal US (216 x 356). Now I think that I have to use a custom size or shrink the width of the images (not fulfil the whole paper width).

My question, actually is: how do I create a custom paper size ?
(Or How can I set the print size to Legal US if I cannot do the above ?)

Ask me if the above details are too scarse and you need more in order to give a real answer.

Thank you for your inputs.