Printing issues (Windows)


I am writing an application that fills a list with values, and that list can be printed. When I print the list on my Mac, everything works as expected, but on Windows I only get a hugely oversized detail of my list printed out. I have tried several solutions (searching the forum, tinkering with resolutions, drawing and printing a picture…), but none of them worked so far.
After two days of unsuccessful working I am pretty frustrated. Does anyone know a solution for this?

In the action event of the printing button I have the following code:

[code]Dim g As Graphics
Dim ps As PrinterSetup = New PrinterSetup

ps.MaxHorizontalResolution = -1
ps.MaxVerticalResolution = -1

g = OpenPrinterDialog(ps)
If g <> Nil Then
Dim mX As Integer = ps.HorizontalResolution / 25.4 // Pixel per mm
Dim mY As Integer = ps.VerticalResolution / 25.4
Dim randX As Integer = (ps.Width - mX * 200) / 2 - mX * 6 // margins of my list
Dim randY As Integer = (ps.Height - mY * 280) / 2 - mX * 3
Dim mW As Integer = mX * 200 // width of my list
Dim mH As Integer = mY * 280 // height of my list

// some drawing
End If[/code]

Your best bet to attract some more help on this might be to upload the source code for a working demo showing the problem so people can tinker with it and try to see where the problem lies.

maybe you could try with the link i posted here?–>