Printing in Windows 7 x64

Dear form user,

I’m a beginner in working with Xojo. Thing are working well except one thing I’m running into.

I’m not able to get reports to print on any of my three printers or PDF-printer. When I try some example projects (ListBoxReport/List of Products) the only thing that the printer is giving me is a blank page.

What I noticed is that the layout is there. If there are a lot of fields on the report then there are 2 or 3 empty pages in the printer. But there is simply noting on the page printed. When I use Xojo on OSX everything is working like a charm. Is there something that I’m missing or not seeing in windows?

Xojo 2018R1.1
Windows 7 SP1 professional - x64

Hope anyone can help me with this issue.


…a few days have passed and no replay to this post.

I searched the form, google like crazy but the only thing that I found was a (“the”) bug in Xojo2017 that should have been fixed (release notes) in version 2018.

Yesterday I downgraded to Xojo version 2016R3. Then the example project and my own project are working normal. So I’m thinking that the bug is still in the 2018 version. (Or are things working different in Xojo2018?)

It would be very nice if someone can confirm that this bug is still in the program.

For now I will stick with 2016 (unfortunately) because I think 2018 is a very good and stable version. (except printing in windows)

Good day and have fun coding!

Please report your case to Xojo with details and examples using the feedback tool.

Windows 7 Direct2D Issue most likely.
If you compile with an older version of Xojo that still uses GDI, does it print then?
We have that problem on Windows 7 32 bit.
It print for us when compiling with an older Xojo version.

If it’s related to a Win 7 Directx needing update, try this:

That update didn’t help (was already installed) and dxdiag also shows no problems.
<> is the framework failed asserion at DrawableD2D.cpp that I get when debugging (remote from mac to windows 7 32 bit).
My program does not crash, it just doesn’t draw under certain circumstances.
I’ve just been asked to provide a small sample project that shows the problem.
Hopefully I’ll be able to bring it down to a reproducible.

So, it’s a bug. And this source code seems affecting more people.

Thank you both for the answering my post.

I will report this bug with the tool. Some of the example projects delivered with Xojo are having the same problem. To start; I will point at them with the tool. Keeping my fingers crossed that the bug is fixed with future releases.

Have a good coding day!

What example project has the problem? I’d like to try and see what it does on my hardware.

I have tried these examples to figure out the problem is not in my project.

Examples -> Printing and Reporting -> Reporting -> ListBoxReport
Examples -> Printing and Reporting -> Reporting -> Products -> List of Products

I’m really curious if this is a hardware dependent issue. Can you please keep me informed.

Unfortunately the post given by Rick Araujo is not the working answer. The update installer gives a message that the update is installed.

Unfortunately those do not give problems on my Windows 32 bit machine

Just out of curiosity, what is the difference in the amount of memory your app uses when you use 2016r3 vs 2018r1.1
I just added a project to our feedback ticket that shows a direct2d crash that I think might be related to memory use.
Since reports might also be buffered in memory (like what we do) it might be related.
The original reason I started looking into this was also blank pages on our reports under very specific circumstances.
Our test project shows 365MB memory use on 2016r3 with GDI+, and 1.7 GB with 2018r2b6 with direct2d