Printing entire Xojo Documentation (wiki)

Hi all,

The Xojo Documentation offers a Printable version under Tools, but only for the current page.

I wonder if there is some way to print larger part of the Documentation, for example User Guide, or Language Reference.

It’s not that I wish to print to paper, but rather print to PDF in order to have the Documentation like a book. With the Wiki it’s a matter having a single subject at a time, involving a lot of clicking. Or having a alternate way of displaying the Documentation as a book, using actual pages from the Wiki. That would be so nice !


I wrote XJPRINT a few years back… it hasn’t been updated in a while so not sure if it catches all the changes that have been made… I do know it doesn’t have the new API 2.0 keywords


how XJPRINT worked ? Did it read the pages and assembled them ?


Oups, looks we are talking about the same thing. I am talking about printing the documentation from for example. The documentation from the Wiki. I should have been more specific :-(.

No … it read the project file (ie. the code), and wrote the document from that