Printing all code sections

Is there a easy way to print all the code sections in the app am building? I am running 2015 2.2.

It is easier for me to have print out to mark up and review.


If the built in Print doesn’t work for you @Dave S has created XJPrint :slight_smile:

sorry for the plug… but one of only a few ways :slight_smile:

Thx, what is a version control app? it says this is required.

XJPrint requires you save your project in the Version Control Format (one of three formats the paid license version provides)
IF you don’t have a paid license, then XJPrint will not work for you…

So it is not another “app”, it is a file format that XOJO supports for saving projects.

NOTE : it does NOT currently document iOS programs… XJPrint came out before the iOS version of XOJO did, so I don’t know what changes may have occurred there

Ok, I do have a license for Xojo Mac OS and that is what i am programming in. here is the name of my project
Parallel X20 Configurator.xojo_binary_project, but I can’t open it. Maybe I am looking for the wrong file?

you saved it as “.xojo_binary_project”

there are THREE formats

  1. Xojo XML Project
    2) Xojo Project <— This is what you want (and I think Xojo should change this description)
  2. Xojo BInary Project

#3 is the default, and is the ONLY format available to non-licensed versions of Xojo… Only format #2 works with XJPrint

Hi Dave,
First off thank you for the response. Is the “Default project format” is ‘Text’ option the one to choose? The other two are Binary and XML. I did check my license at it is good until 7/30/15. I tried the text option and that did not work either.

I am guessing once a project is started in one format, it cannot be changed to another…

Or those option may not be available in the single us Mac OS license.

Make it so NOTHING is selected in the navigator (the left hand list)
How you do this varies from OS to OS
Select File > Print
That will print the whole project

You can save between any formats your license allows, but…

They recently removed Text/VCP format from the single desktop license. So you can only save as XML or Binary. Although, you may be able to get an older version of Xojo and save VCP that way.

Look at the chart here Xojo: Store
The row for ‘Version Control Ready’ means saving as Text/VCP.