Printer feedback

Is there a way to know when a printer has finished its printing task?


When you press the print button, the app sends the data to the OS print driver. After that, the OS may send the data directly to the printer or may queue the print job. Then you have cases where the printer jams or is out of toner/ink, or other jobs are printing or the job is in the queue and the user cancels it. There are also some printers with an internal hard drive and they may queue the job and the OS thinks it has completed. My opinion is … there are probably ways to know when a print job finished, but it might end up being inaccurate and more trouble than it is worth.

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If it is connected to a network, you can use SNMP to get the actual printer status. Not on USB (easily), as SNMP requires a TCPIP connection.

Thanks, I didn’t this there was an easy way. Handshaking data is not what it use to be.