Print out source code...

What tool can I use to create a PDF of all the source code in a project. I wan’t to show some people that don’t have a clue exactly how many lines of code I have created.


There isn’t one for printing just “your” code. File > Print will print the whole project, but that includes all the code that the IDE writes for you. Dave’s XJPrint looks like it might focus more on hand-written code.

Arbed can convert to html and you can print that.

Arbed even can count your code lines with a macro.

In the IDE, select the object / Navigator you want to print its code, then use Print and… generate the pdf (Windows 10 / Mac OS, I do not know about Linux).

You can add the window… or not to the pdf.

If no object in the Navigator is selected, Xojo will print the whole project’s code.

Got Arbed, Now how do I print out a project?

Drop project on, File>Export>As HTML ?


Open in browser>Print to PDF