Print out a single method

I have been happily printing out my code method by method as I want it and suddenly Xojo has started trying to print out the whole project each time. How can I stop it?

Why you printing them out? I’ve not done that since ceasing to use FORTRAN in 1978.

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So I can check through them for logical errors in the bath, on the bus, in the pub, or wherever else I might want to check through them.

What Xojo version?
Is this happening only in one of your projects or even if you load a Sample Application like Eddie’s electronics?

I can’t replicate your problem using Eddie’s electronics and using Xojo2022r1.1 with a mac.

I’m sorry, I thought this was another response to my string problem. So apologies if anyone saw my answer before I edited it.

I am using a 2013 iMac, running OS Catalina 10.15.7 and Xojo2022.r1.1. I am only working on one Project. It was working fine printing out single Methods. I added a new Module with a couple of new Properties and one Method. I printed the Method and as usual it printed just the one Method, which was what I wanted. Then I thought I would print the Methods from a different Module. I realised that I had no margin set and I didn’t like the look of the printouts so I set a 20 mm margin, which looked better and easier to read.

I went back to the new Module and decided to print that Method again with a 20mm margin but I noticed the number of pages it intended to print going up rapidly to more than 20 so I cancelled the print immediately. I tried printing a single page and indeed it was not the first page of the Method it was the first page of a complete Project printout.

I checked everything but couldn’t see why it was trying to print out the whole Project instead of a single Method. I looked at layout and preferences and I couldn’t find any place where you could choose single Method printing over complete Project printing or vice versa. I haven’t tried printing anything else.

There must be some setting in Xojo that allows the user to change between printing the whole Project and printing just a single Method. I only want to know where the setting is because I can’t find any reference to this in the documentation.

I just tried with Xojo 2022 R1.1 and printed to PDF and it just printed the methods I wanted

Maybe print to PDF then print to paper?
If it still happens then at least you can print the pages you need?


I don’t know of any any printing option like that.

The only way I could print the whole project was to put the ide in a state where nothing was selected (e.g. by adding a folder to the root then deleting it) or by selecting one of the build settings. As long as I had a project item selected in the navigator (like a Method) it would only print that. Are you certain you had your desired project item selected in the navigator before you went into print?

As Alberto mentioned, does this happen when you try to print a method from the eddies example (i.e. is it a project specific issue)?

Ahh! Well there you go. Thank you very much. I have never consciously selected a Method before printing except that the Method may have been selected because that’s how I got in there to look at it. Useful to put this in the documentation somewhere. If you highlight a Method or whatever before printing, that’s what will be printed. If you don’t highlight a Method or whatever, you’re going to get a printout of the entire damn Project. Neat. Tree lovers will be crying their eyes out. I would have thought you would need to make a conscious decision before printing out an entire Project.

To print the whole project code, you only have to deselect the selected entry.

When there is only one entry, press the Command Key and click (same time) into the selected entry; it wil be deselected.

If you have many selected entries, click on one that is not selected an you will end with only one.

That is a common macOS feature.

I’m doing that since… 1998, REALbasic 1.0…