Print my PDF

Every so often I wonder why I have two output methods in my app
One draws to a printer graphics context, and as such has to worry about the shape of the page that the user chooses or defaults to.
The other uses graphics primitives and DynaPDFMBS to generate a high-quality PDF file.
That , the user chooses the page size and layout.
I can use handy tools such as DynaPDFTable which arent available to the ‘printing’ output

So I wonder: given the PDF output is much better, why dont I just ‘generate a PDF’ all the time, and just print that?

3 answers:
I don’t know how to silently send my PDF to the printer (or whether I should even try!)
I don’t know what would happen if someone chose A3 landscape and the printer was expecting A4 Portrait
Some requirements are for an exact size printout - if I have the printer graphics and the dpi, I can work on that, but a PDF could easily stretch on the way to the page.

Some code provided by MBS:

// select a PDF dim f as FolderItem = GetOpenFolderItem("") if f = nil then Return // open PDF dim doc as new PDFDocumentMBS(f) // define some print setting via PrintInfo dim PrintInfo as new NSPrintInfoMBS // start print operation dim printOperation as NSPrintOperationMBS = doc.PrintOperation(printinfo) printOperation.showsPrintPanel = true printOperation.showsProgressPanel = true call printOperation.runOperation

But given the use of NSPrintInfoMBS, this is pretty clearly only for Mac.

Anyone done this on windows?

Offering user an option to create PDF is great.

Than user can print it, email it or just store it for later.

For printing PDFs, you can use NSPrintOperationMBS on MacOS and DynaPDF Pro on Windows.
Or you just let user print via PDF Viewer.

Of course this is not for all situations but in my case, sometimes is just easier to create the PDF in a tempo folder and open it to let the user print it using his favorite PDF software.