Print Listbox Background’ Colored

I followed the LR to color a Listbox background row:

a; Alternate (Odd / Even) light Blue and Yellow
b. Three special colors (depends on “tags”)

These work fine on screen (and more…).

But, as I add another color, it is not automatically used in my print routine and this is bad. It enlight my pig coding in this matter *.

If you are using multi-colored Row Background Listbox and print in colors, can you share (the basics of) how you’re doing that ?

Non tested ideas can be send too, of course.

  • I do not checked, but I feel that I take the colors global values and, depending on the tags, use that color to print a Row. This means… if the Printing_In_Color_Listbox routine does know nothing about one color, that color will be ignored and that is bad !