Print labels from report

I’m a total newbie when it comes to programing, I need a simple application to print 1"x3" label with a Dymo label printer

I don’t need to save the data, I just want to copy from an excel a range of sells & columns into a grid or text area and print a label from each line/row

For example
column 1(textarea) File Name
column 2(textarea2) Stock#
column 3(textarea3) date

if I have 5 lines in the textarea there would be 5 labels, if it was possible to add a barcode would also be nice but not required

once label is printed and app is closed data don’t need to be saved

if it’s easier to append the data first to database and filter by date to print all labels that came in on a specific date would also work.

if someone could give me an example would be much appreciated.