Print Issue since upgrading to 2018r1

I recently upgraged Xojo from 2017r3 to 2018r1. After the upgrade I am unable to print reports anymore in my project, they just product a bank sheet. I even went back to the example ListBoxReport which my code is based off and found the same issue there. I tried the other example reporting and printing projects provided with Xojo and none seem to be working.

Is anyone else facing same issue with printing after upgrading to 2018r1? Any ideas on how to resolve?

Yes. There is an issue with Graphics.Clip on Windows only when printing in 2018r1. Feedback case says it’s been fixed in the r1.1 version, but that hasn’t ben released yet. Stay with 2017r3.

Unfortunately, I already opened the project with 2018r1 and don’t have a previous version backup so can’t go back to 2017r3. Any idea when 2018r1.1 will be released?


Since FC3, quite a while ago, it’s silent . Still no guarantee this FB will make it for this release. I should spend some effort to make the project working on 2017R3 again, and stick with it until you’re very sure the new release will not cause any new issue.

To elaborate on what Joost said: you can go backwards, there wasn’t anything project breaking introduced in 2018r1. Open in 17r3, dismiss the alert, save, and no more alert :slight_smile:

and do backups please :slight_smile:

I reverted back to 2017r3 as per Tim suggestion and all is working fine.

I didn’t realize at first that there was an issue with printing and my daily backups got overwritten. I’m usually religious about backups but the one time I decided to be lazy this happens go figure.

Anyway thanks to all for the help much appreciated. Will be more careful with upgrade once 2018r1.1 is released.