primary key and an auto increment column?

i have a question about a primary key / unique / auto increment.

If I have a column that must be unique between rows.
I also have a rownum auto increment

I’m curious about the flags that apply here.

  1. The unique column:
    1.1) Is unique
    1.2) is not null
    1.3 is the primary key

  2. The rownumber
    2.1) is unique
    2.2) is not null (?)
    2.3) is auto increment

But somehow when i use both of these together i get table creation errors.
is it possible to have a unique primary not null column and a NOT null auto_increment column?

What is the SQL you are using to create the table?

show me the CREATE Table statement

A PK is always Unique … it has to be by definition and it cannot be null

I don’t recall the exact underlying field name (RowID I think) is an alias for any Integer, auto inc PK

Are you talking about SQLite?

Alberto is correct… as a matter of fact I just fired up my TADPOLE SQL manager, and if you make a column AutoInc it makes it PK for you… so you cannot have a NON-PK AutoInc field… it won’t even let you create it