Previous XDC archives

Now that XDC 2019 has been announced, the site points to the 2019 site. Is there a way to take a look at the previous XDC pages?

Something like would be nice…

same for older ones. Nice to see some pictures and what the session list was.

Sure I can put that together for you

That’d be great! It’s often very useful to refer back to past conferences, esp. when one thinks “what was the title of that talk I attended in 2015?” or something of the sort.

Agreed, I can definitely see the benefit

Especially when you offer the XDC 2016 videos for sale but there is no link to what is included …

@Philippe Casgrain I have gathered what I have for the session list from the last 5 XDC’s, now available on this page. If you were looking for something else let me know and I’ll be happy to get other info!

Very nice !

Can you do the same for Geoff announcements (2013-2018) ?

@Dana Brown That’s great! Thank you!

Hopefully this is linked somewhere on the main website so that it can be discovered by browsing, not only by knowing about the link.

Yes, it will be. I put that page together for you on Saturday morning, but I don’t do website updates on weekends.


2017 is missing

There was no XDC in 2017 :slight_smile:

Wait. You have a life outside of work? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it was my husband’s birthday AND mother’s day. I just didn’t want to leave Philippe waiting for too long! :slight_smile:

Really ?

BTW: did you (someone) quest Google for <XDC 2017 Program> ?

There was no XDC 2017. This is the 2017 roadmap that was announced at XDC 2016. Look at the date on the blog post.

@ Dana: sorry, I only read the headline, send the post, then read the text.

Afternoon naps (and been old) is (are) bad.