Previous window and previous control

I have a new window that show a bunch of button with extended characters. When the user click on one of those button, i want to insert the extended character on that button into a Textarea/Textfield before the extended character window pop up.

So my question is what code should i use to get the previous window and the previous control?

You should pass the control to the popup window.

Hi Tim, how do i pass the control over to the popup window??

Treat the control name like any other variable. Add a method to the popup that accepts a parameter of type TextEdit and saves the value in a property and then shows the window. Depending on where you show the popup, either pass the control name or “me” if the code is inside the control. For example if you currently have code like

You would add a method to thePopup

Sub ShowMe(txt as TextEdit) theTextField = txt Show end
Later on, you would use theTextField to put a string into the textfield/textarea. This inserts it at the cursor and replaces any highlighted text:

theTextField.SelText = theString
You now display the popup with



got it working with a global property of window gSpecCharForm and a global property of textarea gSpecCharControl and it get assigned from those field that need special character. Then when user click on one of the special characters button the following code to use to insert to the textarea field.

  #pragma DisableBackgroundTasks
  // insert between start or replace word.
  // Last Updated : 2013-08-06
  DIM i as integer, j as integer
  DIM vctrl as Control
  DIM vStart as integer=gSpecCharControl.SelStart
  DIM vLength as integer=gSpecCharControl.SelLength
  DIM vTotLength as integer=LEN(gSpecCharControl.Text)
  DIM vText as String
  dim vTemp as String
  j=gSpecCharForm.controlcount - 1
  for i = 0 to j
    if vCtrl isa TextArea then
      IF TextArea(vCtrl) THEN
        IF vLength<>0 then
          vTemp=LEFT(vText, vStart) + cmdChar(index).caption + MID(vText, vStart+vLength+1,vTotLength)
          EXIT FOR
          vTemp=LEFT(vText, vStart) + cmdChar(index).caption + MID(vText, vStart+1,vTotLength)
          EXIT FOR
        END IF
      END IF
    END IF
  // put characters to clipboard
  // Last Updated : 2013-08-06
  DIM c AS New Clipboard
  c.text = cmdChar(index).caption

You don’t need the loop. Just use gSpecCharControl directly.

gSpecCharControl.SelText = cmdChar(index).caption

thanks tim… got it working with your code… don’t know why i didn’t think of that… I ever remove gSpecCharForm property from global