Pretty Buttons for Web Apps

Hello all,

I would like to make custom pushbuttons.

I tried imagewells but having a highlightable button made the app feel tacky.
I tried canves but they seem to load incredibly slowly on ipads, and sometimes not at all?

What is the best custom pushbutton solution?

Have you tried using Styles? :slight_smile:

Some example pictures of what you are after would help.

I would like to take a PNG and use it as a pushbutton. Sorry for the lack of clarity!

I could construct a custom control of sorts with the htmlwebview control. I would use some fancier html to stop the image inside the html view from being selectable. I would just go ahead and do this but I’m not sure what kind of overhead having 20 little HTML viewers open would create.

Our other option is to purchase a custom control pack by their WebImageViewTD would get the job done. But of course, the control pack isn’t free.

Is there a simpler solution?

What kind of button look are you after? If it’s not too complex you could try Styles.

Some buttons need to be images. for example, a left arrow. I did try editing the styles for some but I can’t seem to get rid of the drop shadow. I’m trying to go for the flat design look.

Look at the WebSDK in the extras folder. This sounds a lot closer to what you want.

Thank for all your input! It would be great if that info was listed Here.

FYI, in Example Projects/Web/Controls/CustomControls/ThreeStateButton you will find a very nice Image Button control already built!