Pressing Command-F results in the search panel switching to Entire Project scope

Pressing Command-F causes the search panel to switch to Entire Project scope. This is very dangerous when you are trying to refactor a method and constantly switching between the code editor and the search box. It should stay set to what ever scope you have selected previously. Here’s a feedback ticket if you want to sign on:

I’d say when activating Cmd-F in a new editor context, it should always default to “This Item”, unless you have selected text, then it should default to “Selection”, which currently doesn’t exist, sign on to <> if you wish to have that added back in.

When activating Cmd-F for a second time in the same editor context, it should remain set to it’s previous setting.

Already fixed Feedback Case #28558 this afternoon under a different name

So this fixed both issues:

  1. Focus is not longer switched to the search panel when you save.
  2. Pressing Command-F no longer changes the scope of the search panel

They’re both different issues? I’m not sure why you merged them?

Norman, can we now do Command-F followed by Command-G to “find next”? That would be super duper if possible…

They seem separate but the cause is the same :stuck_out_tongue:

“find next” is not implemented YET

Great, thanks.

and it would be nice to have the find autofilled by highlighted text again. thanks