Working with PostgreSQL databases I use PreparedSQLStatement, which works.
In some examples I see PostgreSQLPreparedStatement which also works of course.

In this context we have:

and for all just PreparedSQLStatement seems to work fine.
For now, it’s not clear, according to the documentation if I can safely use PreparedSQLStatement. for all database-types above.

@Eugene Dakin : In you book “Program PostgreSQL with Xojo Desktop” you use both for the same purpose PreparedSQLStatement (example 16.2) and PostgreSQLPreparedStatement (example 16.1).

All of those specific PreparedStatements are just subclasses of PreparedStatement. I tend to use the specific subclass but I don’t see why you couldn’t use the super. AFAIK there’s nothing that will bite you later on.

To bolster Bob’s answer, just as you can assign any subclass to a variable that is declared as its super, so too with Prepared Statements. I always use the super because it doesn’t make a difference, and it would be one less thing to worry about if I switch database engines later on.