Prepared statement formulation

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Message is “This class is missing the ExecuteSQL method from the interface PreparedSQLStatement.” What should my prepared statement look like if I intend to load a data file? In this case (from a Mac); /Users/myname/Desktop/DB_Konten.sqlite
Thanks for adequate answers - the problem is going to make me crazy…,

It would be helpful to see the code that is generating this error, but it seems like you are trying to create your own PreparedSQLStatement class, which is not required and probably doesn’t work anyway.

Typical usage is something like this:

// API 1
var ps as PreparedSQLStatement = db.Prepare( "SELECT * FROM table WHERE some_column = ?" )
ps.Bind( 0, type )
var rs as RecordSet = ps.SQLSelect( columnValue )

// API 2 (quite a bit easier)
var rs as RowSet = db.SelectSQL( "SELECT * FROM table WHERE some_column = ?", columnValue )
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