Prepared Statement confusion

I’m a little confused reading the Docs on the Postgres Prepared Statement (execute)

It says Execute (parameterarray As Variant)

Does that mean I can do this
Insert … ($1, $2, $3)

SQLExecute( i )

Instead of:
SQLExecute ( i(0), i(1), i(2) )

It means it uses a parameter array so you can pass any number of parameters, one after another.

SQLExecute(value1, value2, value3)

You cannot pass in an array.

There is an example of this on the PostgreSQLPreparedStatement page.

For more about ParamArray:

Thanks that was part of the issue, I never saw an array being passed.

FYI: if you need a few different names, ages for the I know some :wink:

You can bind the values using and array.

PS.Bind(i) DB.SQLExecute