PremierePro files. How to open in Xojo?

Hi I want to open a Adobe Premiere Pro file, for doing simple text replacement stuff.

Now I have to open it in Bbedit, to get it as a readable xml file… frome here I select all, copy and then paste into a text edit document and save as .txt file. This I can use in Xojo, no problem… but how can I read the file directly… Now when I open I get:

ãÌ}ko‹8≤ËÁ…Ø0¸È\ ≤˘îƒÅ◊aâùïl2…∆I8aa䧛¥ª}˚ëâw1ˇ˝íz5©W´€ÍI;ëa„XdEVãUE™xˆü_o’G_‘|ëö;Ü’‡¯HM≈L&”õøxˇ“èè˛Û¸…Ÿ€π∫M‘]Ú%?˙X¿„„Û’?È∫ŸˇUbyÙ&2ˇºS±n˯¥^sui*é.&|±0˚àKfló“RHè …=Ó˚¿ÛeGR1˛Ò˙eò∑˝tˆ€L™u)L”W›©˘2QãZ]Ÿèèâ˙„z…ó͉U≤∞{Ö¨^qF¸ÿ8Ç!àz!°ÛX@¶0P«4槰#
P6–—’T™Ø;%¯Og/ì˘byé1ä(íæá =}Èq»CO ÜÜ1§8;Õ`K‘k%fSYgKV{ZÌ…V]ѵ.2†8UæÚ°ÿ#å/Äyì(é•K‰˜Ë"Í—≈z≈¢ç -¢aµÑ1µ‘≈Ü…Qydæ!


But I have not managed to change encodings for it to happen…

any ideas ?

BBedit says: Unicode (UTF-8) and Unix (LF), but I’m not sure if this is after a convertion has been done or if it is the original…

Can you share a file ?

What you shared seems to be Binary Data…

Nota: some plist are not text file based, but XCode show them as text…

Of course here it is:

zip file of the PrProj file

Looks like standard XML:

Why not open it with an XMLDocument and work with that?
You could even open it with a textinputstream,
use readall to get it into a string
then use replace() to swap out text.

With a .txt file extension, macOS Finder shows me:

and with an .XML extension, I drop the file above a Firefox tab and get:

(small extract).

That is strange, when I do the same I get:

I am on MacOS 12.5, and have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on my computer.

it will not open as clear text on mine…

This is what I get after unzipping, and using the code below:

dim f as FolderItem
f= specialfolder.documents.child("Testprojectone")
dim xm as new XmlDocument
textarea1.text = xm.ToString

And in fact, going further, here is the classID of the second child of the first node:

dim f as FolderItem
f= specialfolder.documents.child("Testprojectone")
dim xm as new XmlDocument
// textarea1.text = xm.ToString

dim xmnods as XmlNodeList
dim oneNode as XmlNode
dim classid as string
xmnods = xm.XQL("//ProjectViewStates") 

if xmnods.Length > 0 then
  onenode = xm.FirstChild
  onenode = onenode.FirstChild  //just has a project
  onenode = onenode.NextSibling  //next one has a ClassID

  classid = onenode.GetAttribute("ClassID")  //Lets see what it is
  msgbox classid  //and display it
end if

Incredible !

Note: I do not have Premiere (I do not saw Première since 1992 or so…)

And it is your file unzipped (with the macOS built-in zip application) from “”, a 104KB without extension.

It have Tab characters as can be seen in Tim hex data (and FireFox display suggests).

Try to reboot your computer…

I use a m1 MacBook Pro from 02-2021… macOS 12.5

just for a quick test: uploaded another testfile… is this behaving the same way ?

New test file

If you have a computer without Premiere installed you may check there what happens (downloading the file like we’ve done)…

@Helge_Tjelta - Premiere is using the gzip to compress the project file.
You need to unzip (un-gzip) it first.

run from the terminal
gunzip projectfile

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Could it be that I am on a computer with OS set to norwegian ?

I had just renamed it to xml/txt to us it… not renamed it to zip and then unpack that one…

Thanks Aslan

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That was what I’ve done…

Hi Emile, did you rename or unpack the zip ? I don’t understand …

We all saw a zip file and unpacked it.
The file it contained is a perfectly normal text file, holding XML.

If you just changed the extension to txt, it wouldnt work.

Worse… if you do it on Windows, you may THINK you have changed the extension to .txt
but if it is set to hide extensions, all you will have achieved is to name the file

(We thought you knew that.)

The main reason it took a while for anyone to check whether you had actually unzipped the file is that the data you showed started with

ãÌ}ko‹8≤ËÁ…Ø0¸È\ ≤˘î

That wasn’t the start of the file.
It actually starts with PK, which is a dead giveaway for a PKZip file.


I always have my windows set to show file extensions.

There is a quick guide here, if it helps:

That is very strange. I had the original .prproj file. I zipped it for you all to test.
But when I unpack that, I get the .prproj file back, and not a xml file ?

Really strange.

I had to manually rename that .prproj file to a .zip and then unpack that one. then I got a xml file.

cheers all.

And thanks for clarifying.

I have 2 unzip utilities in my mac:

  • Archive (default)
  • The

If I unzip your zip directly I get a file that is 104KB without extension.
If I unzip your zip file using The Unarchiver I get a file that is 11KB with prproj extension.


Hope this helps.