Preferred languages gray explanatory labels

in System Preferences > Language & Zone, below each language there is a gray explanatory label. So that for Chinese, under the Chinese glyphs, the gray label reads “Chinese Simplified”; and so on and so forth.

Through declares, I can get the list of the preferred languages, but looking into NSLocale’s stuff I don’t see any hint in order to get the “explanatory label”.
Any idea what I should look for?

BTW: at present I’m going to make my own list, but it would be nice to rely on declares, if available.

System > Library > PreferencePanes > localization.prefPane > Contents > Resources > (language specific lproj) > Localizable.strings

Its a plist of strings that you’ll have to figure out which keys you want the strings for

Good. International.searchTerms is the one for me.
Thank you.