Pre-Sales Question re: upgrading

Hello. I can’t quite seem to find this info on the website: If someone purchases at a lower license level, say Desktop at $299, and later they realize Doh! I should have gotten the Professional license act $699, can they simply pay the $400 difference to upgrade? If not, what would that upgrade price be in this example?

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You can find the buttons for this in your account on the Licenses page.

Edit: I’ve removed my “yes” - I’m not a representative of Xojo and probably shouldn’t make such a statement. Greg is right you should ask them directly!

Yes, but the buttons don’t do anything for a person who hasn’t bought anything yet (do they?) and wonders what the upgrade pricing would be after an initial purchase. At least this is how the website is working for me.

But you gave a resounding Yes to my question so thank you for that!

And by the same token, can a $99 USD Lite license pay the $200 difference to upgrade to a Web or Desktop license?

Please send an email to They can help you with these questions.

Hi Michael, You can always upgrade a license to Xojo Pro. The upgrade discount is based on the remaining value of your license (which you can calculate per Tim’s instructions at your license key page anytime). Even an expired license will give you 5% off an upgrade :slight_smile:

Feel free to email me at if you want more details or have any other questions :slight_smile:

Yes, you can upgrade Lite to Desktop and Pro at the website. If you want to upgrade to Web, email me and I can set that up for you!

An FAQ that answers pre-sales questions like this would seem to be useful