Pre-loaded popup meu


I have a window (DeskTop) which loads several popups from a MySQL database (usernames, part numbers, etc) which has to load the popups each time the window is opened, even though the data for the popups seldom changes. Is there a more efficient way I can load these?

Thanks in advance


Hi Chris, you can load the items into arrays when the app launches and save a date/time stamp property of when populated. Then each time the window opens, read the arrays instead. You would have to make sure that when any user updates the menu data, you set a time stamp in a record. When the window opens, check the date/time stamp. If it’s the same as when you loaded the data into the arrays, just use the arrays, if it’s different then repopulate the arrays then use them. You should have a date/time stamp for each menu to keep it flexible.

Thanks very much Eric. Good suggestion. I’ll need to store an ID too so maybe a dictionary would do as well. Thanks again!

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