PRAGMA table_info('XXXXXX') returning 'not an error' SQLErrorExceptionMBS!

In the past I have used the PRAGMA table_info(myTable) command on SQLite to return a RecordSet of the field names and some basic info about those fields eg

PRAGMA table_info('AuditLogs');

Now I am trying this on my SQLite file via a CubeSQL database. If I run this command on the CubeSQL server itself (using CubeSQL’s SQLiteManager app), it runs just fine. But if I run the identical command in my latest Xojo code eg

Var rs As RowSet = db.SelectSQL("PRAGMA table_info('AuditLogs');")
Catch Error
  CommonWindow.doDisplayError(Error.Message, CurrentMethodName, Error.ErrorNumber)
End Try

it raises an SQLErrorExceptionMBS error, Error.ErrorNumber is 100 and the Error.Message is ‘not an error’!

Is there a way to get the normal PRAGMA table_info() command to not give an exception, but return a RowSet?

Delving into the CubeSQL documentation, I needed to use the ‘SHOW TABLE INFO’ command when accessing via CubeSQL.