Pragma error on close


I don’t know why this came up, but when I close one of my windows it results in an error:

Sub Close()
#pragma unused me
#pragma reset
const CurrentMethodName = “frmDataEntry.PushNext.Close”

End Sub

I don’t know what changed to cause this, or how to fix it? any ideas?

What error ?

You dont say what line the error occurs on.

I’m not convinced there is any such pragma as ‘reset’

Since you ARE using me, the line that tells the compiler not to complain that you arent using ‘me’ can be removed.
I’d start by removing both pragma lines

Finally, me more normally refers to a control on a window, rather than the window itself.
I dont see the point in issuing a close command in the middle of a close event, since thats what is happening anyway.

So also remove the me.close line.

Finally, the line const CurrentMethodName = “frmDataEntry.PushNext.Close”
Looks like one that is used for exception handling: if an exception occurs, the constant can be used to say which method was being used at the time.

Since this constant is declared inside the event, it will go out of scope when the event is complete.
And since nothing in the event is using it, you can delete that row too.

So… remove all that code and you’ll be fine, I guess!

I get a stack overflow error… and I did not enter any of those of code… they seem to have been added by Xojo at run time??

here is a screen shot after the program stops:

The stack overflow will be caused by calling me.close inside the close event

I thought of that… so I deleted the close event… even disabled the close button on the window… even if I close it from the main window or press Ctl-q, I still get the same overflow error…

what version of the IDE
what kind of project
where is / was this code

all those details are relevant

You see there the code the compiler got, not the code you wrote? That should not happen.

Also maybe you wanted to write self.close?

ok… my reply did not post, so here it is again:

I am using 3.2, on Linux, making a desktop application that also includes a sqlite database.

[quote=209800:@Gary Vassalotti]
I am using 3.2, on Linux[/quote]
Which Year? IDEs are numbered with year and release #. I.e. 2015r2.4

2014 3.2