First of all, nice work. I like the new direction of the IDE.

I am evaluating xojo and attempted to run the PowerPoint Automation example located under Platform Specific - Windows - Office Automation. The app errors out indicating the PowerPointApplication class does not exist. I have a licensed version of Real Studio and I’ve used this class in the past.

I suspect I’m getting the error because I’m using an evaluation version of Xojo.

Things to consider:
Xojo is running in a Windows 7 Parallels VM on a MAC.
The version of Xojo is not registered, it is the evaluation version.

Am I correct in my assumption, or is there something else going on?

Well, never mind.

Had I browsed down a few more lines in the Forum I would have seen the post indicating I need to copy the MSOfficeAutomation plugin from the extras folder to my Plugins folder. I seem to remember having to do that in the past as well.

Thanks for the help Mike.
Sure Mike, no problem.