PowerApps DataCard control

Does anybody know where to get this type of control for xojo?

If you are using MS Powerapps, this is like scrollable Datacard control.

link text

Thanks in advance.

a canvas subclass with embedded container controls. you can make anything you want with these.

I wish Listbox Cells could receive a Container. It’s doable on Web with some javascript.

you can kind of do this
not by directly embedding a container in a cell but there are alternatives

I’ll whip up an example

EDIT : If I have time … too many things to get done this week

EDIT 2 : Have you looked at

It might need updates but lets you do some custom cell work - not quite as easily as a container but …

I know we are getting off-topic, but that’s one of the nice things about iOS, that you can throw a container (or “custom cell” into an iOSTable. Makes for really flexible layouts.

yeah the ios scroll view is handy that way


Would you know of a ready example for this on web ?


Yep! @Brock Nash saved the day in this thread: https://forum.xojo.com/46100-what-can-i-embed-within-a-weblistbox/p2#p421684

The end result was this example file: CampSoftware - Developer of Custom Database Driven Apps

Please add this case to your Feedback. It’s currently ranked 56th <https://xojo.com/issue/54683>

Thanks vm Hal ?

My (commercial product) DataView control can do this pretty easily for Mac/Win/Linux.
I just updated it and added a “Contacts” example to the demo project. You can try it here if you like.

By the way, it’s very likely that the WebListbox Containers example will break in Web Framework 2.0.

Since Web 2.0 is, as noted by bobs summary of XDC 2018 in which he notes its a [quote] ground up rewrite with significant modernazations and optimizations.[/quote], I would expect MOST things from Web 1.0 will break in some way

His notes on the Web 2.0 sessionwould seem to confirm much of this as he notes [quote]Warning: JavaScript and DOM hacks used in the existing web framework WILL result in errors in Web 2.0.[/quote]