Power User IDE Tips Webinar

Hey, @Paul Lefebvre! The webinar on Power IDE Tips was outstanding! I learned a lot from it. I’m going to go back and watch a few of the others now. Keep up the good work!

(See here for upcoming webinars and an archive of past ones.)

Thanks, Tim!

And I’d like to invite everyone to also follow us on Twitter (@xojo). I’m trying to post several quick tips a day there. If anyone has tips they’d like to share with others, just let me know!

You just want my t-shirt…

That’s right, Alyssa has said she’ll give out a free t-shirt for the best tip sent to us on Twitter.

I suppose I could tweet that the navigator is on the LEFT not the RIGHT :stuck_out_tongue:

He meant it’s on the right side, as in, on the correct side.

I don’t think so when he says “thats the area over here on the right” and waves the mouse over the left side of the IDE window :stuck_out_tongue:

Small things as Pauls usually VERY meticulous as writing the docs & such he has a few thousand critics

So I get to pick out ONE little nit here :stuck_out_tongue:

Like all of the webinars, I got a lot out of this one. And as for left or right I knew exactly what he meant - we drive on the left over here :slight_smile:

As my wife has to often tell me: “No, Paul, your other right.”

Funny enough one of the drivers here did the same thing - pointing out the left window of the car saying

As you can see on our right

We all chuckled and said “your other right” :stuck_out_tongue:

These webinars are excellent. This is a very good idea, it helps a lot.

One flaw: For developers whose English is not their first language, a tutorial with written steps (like Wink http://www.bpformation.net/captivate/wink_demo/wink_demo2.htm) would be easier to study.
With YouTube, there are subtitles, but it’s pretty rough.

in any case, really, do not stop! this is a great value. :slight_smile: