Postgresql version for XojoCloud

I want to use jsonb data types in my PostgreSQL database for my Xojo Web App on XojoCloud but it seems that the version in XojoCloud is 9.2.24 and PostreSQL introduced jsonb since version 9.4. It is said about jsonb: PostgreSQL offers a significant speedup when using the binary representation of JSON data, jsonb , which can give you that extra edge you need to increase your performance.
Any suggestions?

I am looking into this and will contact you about it.

Yes, I think it’s time to upgrade the PostgreSQL version in the Xojo Cloud, the smallest version still supported is 9.5.23:

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Keep in mind that the version we are using gets all of the security fixes back-patched, so the only thing you are missing is new features.

That’s good to know Greg :+1:

But I could imagine that users of a current cloud platform will expect at least one of the officially supported versions of the offered applications. That was the case for us and we and @Jason_Parsley invested several days in troubleshooting. In the end it was ‘just’ a missing feature of an outdated PostgreSQL version (<9.5)…