Postgresql ssl connection

Hello XOJO-Users,

does anyone have a Postgresql database with ssl certificates running?
I installed the server, client, and CA-certificates(self-sigend) and the connection with pgadmin (Windows Version 4) works without errors…

pg_hba.conf allows only remote-connection through: hostssl all all md5 clientcert=1

The connection with XOJO(2016 R3) gets always the error, that the postgre-server was not compiled with ssl build in.

I used the aktuall Ubuntu 16.04 package of postgresql 9.5 and a self-compiled postgresql 9.6. with SSL configuration.
The Error on XOJO is the same and with pgadmin no problems…

Thanks for a tip…

Hello XOJO-Users,

here is the db.ErrorMessage: “sslmode value “require” invalid when SSL support is not compiled in”

It’s an error that started sometime in 2016 I think. If you use an older version of the plugin it will work.
I still haven’t found the time to document it, or find out what the last version is that works.
If you can make a feedback ticket for this, I’ll add some of my points to it.

Hi Martin, I can confirm that doesn’t work on xojo 2016r4, but in 2015x works fine, when I see the “…libs” folder when build the app, I notice the size of postgres plugin, in 2015x is about 1.2M against 200+ Kb in 2016r4.

You should create a feedback case.

Hello XOJO-Users,

THX for the hint with different plugins: I can confirm that there are no issues with XOJO versions 2015R4.1 and the current 2017 R2.1.
The size of the PostgreSQLPlugins differ significantly: 2015 about 4.6M / 2016 about 3.6M and 2017 about 7.1M.
Because of my license, i only can build with XOJO-Versions from 2016. But the PostgreSQLPlugins from 2015 or 2017 work here !

I did not know the feedback program. But now, I found feedback case 46565 with my problem…

That ticket seems to indicate the bug was fixed in June? Is it?
We’re still using 2016r3 for various reasons, so I have not checked this yet.

Hello Dirk, I believe that a fix will be recorded only in newer versions. I checked positively my SSL-Connection with 2017R2.1 in Debug-Mode. Then I copied the PostgreSQLPlugin from 2017R1.2 to 2016R3 and the builded program works fine…