Is anyone using to deploy to users? Its a dead simple way of getting postgresql installed on a user machine. I was just curious if anyone has and what issues you may have come across. Is it at least suitable for production deployment for small (<10 users) applications?



Use it, love it. I have it running on a co-located Mac mini. I was worried it might not be the latest version or not multi-threaded, but it is v9.4 (the latest) and runs about a dozen threads.

It is easy to quit and relaunch without uninstalling. Best of all it is trivial to determine where to store your databases (on an external drive for me). It works with PgAdmin as well.

I use it for all my testing and have never had an issue. As you say it is a painless install.

Another vote for the app. I used most days for development and have never had an issue with it.