PostgreSQL and Web App

Has any one implemented Postgre with their web apps? If so, how and where have you had your app hosted?

Amazon AWS gives you the freedom to implement any kind of solution as you control all the environment. Now they even have a PostgreSQL service ready to go called PostGreSQL RDS (beta). Maybe too advanced for some users.

Well I use webfaction for all my hosting. I’m planning to try a small test of hosting an XOJO web server this weekend if I find the time. They all you to run custom applications that listen on a port and you can open that port to the internet or have certain requests to a domain or subdomain route to the port internally, so no need to have access to port 80.

As I say if I can find the time next weekend I’ll give it a go.

I should have added that the do not have the 32 libs installed as default, but they told me that I can go ahead and install them if I wish.

Thanks for the responses guys. James, web faction looks interesting. I am going to check them out.

Just wanted to add that over last weekend I tried getting a demo on Webfaction:

  • getting a custom app listening on a port, no problem
  • getting all requests to a domain/sub-domain routed to that port, no problem
  • setting up a background task to keep the custom app up and running, no problem
  • getting XOJO app running, BIG PROBLEM, 32 bit libs installed and will no be :frowning:

So until 64 bit XOJO, I’ll have to stick to Node.js for internet development and keep XOJO for the intranet.

[quote=61936:@James Dooley]getting XOJO app running, BIG PROBLEM, 32 bit libs installed and will no be :frowning:

That is a bummer. :frowning:

Thank you for looking in to it James! :slight_smile: