Postgres version

Why is it so difficult to find the Postgres version used on Xojo Cloud?
I saw it once and now to able to find it again.
Any help is welcomed

You can find out by running this query:

SELECT version();

Ok, thx. I was kind of looking for the version before connecting my DB, because I am working with Postgres10 and I know it’s a previous version.

I remember searching for a while to find that answer, and eventually found it somewhat buried in the documention:

“As of May 2018, Xojo Cloud uses PostgreSQL 9.2.2”

Thank you very much! both of you.
It seems to me it could be pretty much easy to put in the specs of the store.

The latest is v11 I believe.

Yes, version 9.2 is not supported anymore (since September 2017). See I’m a bit surprised to hear that this version is still around in the Xojo cloud.

v11.1 has advantages over v 10.x, but be careful, PGDump v 11.1 is not compatible with v. 10.x and visa versa.