Postgres configuration help

I’m about to ship a client solution that needs a database server for some of their customers.
Locally it works with SQLite and I have tweaked it to run on Postgres fairly effectively.
I need to be able to offer a database server. I am still considering a redistribution license for CubeSQL, but I simply won’t have the revenue to justify it year one.

Postgres is easy to install on the Mac, but it’s a bit tricky to teach someone to enable network access etc. I’ve never installed on Windows, and I need it to run there too.

If anyone is interested in helping me setup a “distribution” that would run out of the box (so to speak) I’d happily pay for it. I really think this is a fairly quick and easy project, I just can’t spare the time to do it myself.

Please private message me.

the bigsql installers worked out of the box on the local network. but they are no more available ?

if you have many apps that will access the server in intranet then it need a entry in pg_hba.conf
as example
host all all samenet md5
then the firewall must be configured.
database table and fields should be all lowercase!
you need to store the superuser password in password safe.
the pg setup 12 came with a web management tool pg admin 4.
you need to add a software/database user and assign it to your database.
setup a automated database backup is tricky.

(at the last install i had a connection issue from xojo app because server used ip6)

Not me unfortunately, for me not much is “easy” and “quick” on Windows :-). But sometimes I need to deal with it too. I’m not sure what the current status is, as the company was sold to someone else, but I made a few years ago good experience with by just sending that link to the windows admin and he installed the db w/o any issues.

These days I would probably setup a docker container. A bit of more work the first time, but then something on your hands which you can easily re-use for other (future) customers?